We help You to plan the transformation from ideas, needs and tasks into mobile applications and connected technical solutions.

Mobile Applications

We are planning, designing and programming Mobile Applications to Your and Your customers full satisfaction ready to use in GOOGLE PLAY (Android) and APPLE Store including all necessary approvals and updates.


We are designing Your application on the basis of User Experience by our international professional designers.

Payment Gateway

We are programming and connecting Your Mobile Application to an electronic payment provider with smart payment solutions for each country of Your business. We are working with all payment providers up to your demands.

Connected Services

We are programming every kind of third party services or other connected services for Your Mobile Application (for example: payment provider, search functions, marketing tools, Facebook registration, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc.)


We are supporting You for the lifetime of your Mobile Application.


We are promoting Your Mobile Application in every market worldwide up to your requirements based on different marketing systems.


We translate your Mobile Application with our partner translation company in every language you wish.


We offer 100 % confidentiality of Your bussiness data.


We are offering a transparent pricing system based on Your needs and requirements.